5 Reasons To Pave Your Lot With Porous Asphalt

Consider porous asphalt if it is time to install a new parking lot. This material is long-lasting, tough, and environmentally friendly. Learn more about the benefits here. 

1. Improved Drainage

Drainage can be an issue in a parking lot. Poor drainage doesn't just lead to puddles, it is the main reason that potholes form and parking lot paving fails. Since porous asphalt is designed to allow the water to drain through instead of collecting on the surface, puddling and the resultant problems are never a major concern. Your lot won't need as much drainage installed since the lot itself is the drainage surface.

2. Reduced Impact Fees

Many municipalities charge businesses impact fees for stormwater runoff from parking lots. This makes sense since the large amount of runoff from a traditional asphalt lot can overwhelm municipal systems if costly measures aren't implemented by the city or county. Porous asphalt behaves more like open ground in that the water seeps through and joins the groundwater table instead of overwhelming sewer systems, so you may have reduced impact fees with this option.

3. Eco-Friendly

Not only can you save money, but porous asphalt can also help save the environment. Less water loss to evaporation helps ensure that more rainwater makes its way into the local reservoir. Erosion around the lot is also reduced when there is less runoff. Further, porous asphalt, like all asphalt, is completely recyclable so there is little waste in this material choice. 

4. High Durability

If you are concerned about the longevity and maintenance needs of porous asphalt compared to standard asphalt, worry no more. Porous asphalt is just as long-lived and repairable as traditional mixes. It is actually less prone to damage caused by water, like potholes and buckling, because it is designed for moisture to move through rather than become trapped. Porous asphalt can also be patched and repaired just like traditional asphalt, so it's easy to prolong its working life.

5. Increased Land Use

Often, businesses must set aside some of their property to install retention ponds to aid in stormwater management. This cuts into the usable real estate on your property. You may not have a retention pond requirement, or its size may be reduced, if you install porous asphalt. This is because the asphalt acts as the management area since moisture runs through it instead of off of it. 

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