Planning A Commercial Paving Project? 3 Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Many business owners appreciate commercial paving due to its numerous benefits. Commercial paving can boost a company's curb appeal, give clients a positive first impression, enhance safety, increase property value, and improve drainage. However, you need to approach this project equipped with the right tips to make the right calls. The following are three factors to consider when paving your business.

1. Paving Materials

Different materials are used in commercial paving, and each of them has its pros and cons. This means that you might need to analyze them with the help of a paving contractor to choose one that is most suitable for you. For instance, asphalt is smooth, and it allows water to drain to the sides without hindrance. It can also reduce noise and increase property value.

Concrete is rigid, durable, and requires less maintenance. Besides, it is recyclable, which means it is environmentally friendly. However, it can develop cracks and potholes over time.

Another material used is brick, which comes in different designs, shapes, and colors. Moreover, it is durable and eco-friendly as it is made from natural clay. You should work closely with an expert to help you choose the best material based on your objectives.

It is important to estimate the amount of paving supplies you need to budget accurately. Ensure you have a professional by your side to handle these calculations to avoid mistakes.  

2. Paving Pattern

If you choose paving brick and similar paving materials, you have different patterns and designs to choose from. The common patterns are herringbone, basket weave, stack bond, stretcher bond, radial, and circular.

In herringbone pattern, the pavers will be laid in alternate diagonal directions to form a zigzag pattern that looks like the bones of herring fish. If you choose a basket weave pattern, you will arrange two pavers vertically and another two horizontally to create a basket pattern.

Stack bond is a simple pattern because the pavers are laid to form a straight line in both directions. Stretcher bond pattern is when all pavers are laid longitudinally.

The commercial paving company you work with can provide you with a draft of all the patterns to help you choose the right one. Note that you can combine various patterns if you want to create a unique commercial paving.

3. Paving Company

The service provider you work with can determine your experience. Therefore, you should hire an experienced and well-equipped contractor for quality services. Ensure you visit various websites, analyze the portfolios, and read reviews to choose the right one. The contractor should be skilled at installing the paving of your choice.

The factors discussed above are crucial when undertaking a commercial paving project. Therefore, keep them in mind for reliable pavements and parking lots.