Cost-Efficient Asphalt Overlays Resolve Severe Fading And Minor Flaws

When an asphalt parking lot has deteriorated and faded, it often can be revived with an overlay. A paving contractor first repairs any serious flaws that have developed and then places an extra layer of asphalt over the lot. The pavement does not need to be removed except for a thin layer from the top. An overlay is a cost-efficient and effective way of solving numerous relatively minor problems in the pavement.

A Cosmetic Upgrade

This work creates a remarkable cosmetic upgrade. No longer do customers and employees see faded gray, but instead, a rich and impressive black hue. The improvement gives everyone a better impression of the business owners. Prospective customers will see that these individuals care enough about the property's exterior appearance to invest in this project.

Relatively Quick Work

The work is finished relatively rapidly compared with full asphalt removal and replacement. If the lot is large, the contractors can do part of it while leaving parking spaces available elsewhere. Business owners will want to schedule the project to take place during their slower times. A grocery store, for example, may benefit from having an asphalt overlay placed on Monday and Tuesday.

Even Surfaces

Before adding the overlay, the crew first removes a thin layer of blacktop. Otherwise, the overlay would make the pavement a bit too high. The parking lot should stay even with adjoining features, especially with sidewalks and building entryways. Uneven areas become tripping hazards. 


A blacktop overlay typically remains in good condition for several years. The longevity is connected with several aspects. The number of vehicles regularly on the paved surface and the amount of traffic from heavy trucks are significant factors. Truck traffic may be frequent if the business needs regular deliveries. Weather elements also take a toll on asphalt over time. Ultraviolet light gradually fades the material. Repeated freezing and thawing are associated with ever-expanding cracks and potholes.


An overlay cannot be placed when there is severe damage to the lot. Either repairs must be made first, or the owners must decide on full removal and replacement. If large areas of missing pavement have developed over the years due to lack of repair service done, full removal and new parking lot construction is advisable. 

Asphalt paving contractors offer knowledgeable advice about the features and advantages of overlays and when this work is appropriate for a deteriorating parking lot. Once hired, they arrive as scheduled and complete the project in a reasonable time frame. They also can return in the future for any necessary repair service. Contact an asphalt paving service for more information.