6 Reasons Your Family & Friends Want You To Pave Your Gravel Driveway

Some people prefer gravel for their driveway; however, there are situations and circumstances in life when a gravel driveway simply doesn't work well for the homeowner and their family and friends any longer. What once was a perfectly acceptable gravel driveway can become an unsightly and downright dangerous mess for some people in various stages of their lives. Here are six reasons your family members and friends want you to upgrade your gravel driveway to asphalt paving. 

It's Easier to Push Baby Strollers 

Gravel driveways are quite difficult to push baby strollers on, especially as babies grow and make the weight of the strollers dig into the gravel. Parents then have to struggle to force the heavy stroller through the gravel while their little ones bounce around until the stroller suddenly hits something and the baby comes to a jarring stop. Also, sometimes pieces of gravel can get stuck in the small wheels of strollers and cause damage. 

It's Easier to Learn to Ride a Bike 

To put it simply: toddlers and preschool-aged children struggle less when learning how to ride a tricycle or bike on asphalt instead of on gravel. And everyone knows how difficult and challenging everything is when a preschooler is unhappy, tired, and frustrated. More importantly, it's much safer for a young child to learn how to pedal on a smooth surface than on a bumpy one that has pieces that can move out from underneath them. 

It's Easier to Make Chalk Art 

It should go without saying that a flat, expansive asphalt driveway is much better for creating pieces of chalk art. How would someone create chalk art drawings on a gravel driveway? Give an artistic family member some pieces of chalk and let them use the paved driveway as an empty canvas and they'll be kept busy for hours. Parents who leave early for work can use chalk to draw cartoon characters and messages for their children to look at when they wait for the school bus at the end of the driveway. 

It's Easier to Maintain in Inclement Weather

Gravel driveways can't be shoveled or plowed very easily, and it's very dangerous to use a snow blower on a gravel driveway. Even though gravel driveways do provide some traction when the snow isn't too deep, new drivers with little-to-no experience with driving on snow may find it difficult to traverse your gravel driveway. Asphalt paving is easier to remove snow from, because you can use a shovel, plow, or snow blower. Also, there's no worries of gravel being washed away in a torrential downpour when your driveway is asphalt paving. 

It's Easier to Use Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Aids 

A gravel driveway makes it difficult and dangerous for people who are disabled and have mobility issues. Someone who is on crutches may have to be painstakingly careful to walk on a gravel driveway. Trying to push a wheelchair through gravel can tire anyone out, unless your family member or friend has a motorized wheelchair that is specifically designed for all-terrain conditions. Also, the transition from an asphalt paved driveway to a ramp is much safer to navigate than a gravel driveway. 

It's Easier to Use a Vehicle Jack

Another family member or friend who would appreciate you upgrading your gravel driveway to asphalt paving is the person who would use a vehicle jack to raise and lower your vehicles to change tires or do repairs. A gravel driveway isn't the safest place to use a vehicle jack on, so the mechanic would likely have to push away pieces of gravel until he or she reaches solid ground for the jack.

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