Services For Parking Lots Provided By Asphalt Paving Contractors

Owners of businesses with large parking areas typically choose asphalt for the pavement instead of concrete. Although concrete doesn't typically require maintenance, installation of that material costs significantly more. That's an important factor for a business owner when making smart budgetary choices. For a sizable parking lot, the necessary asphalt maintenance and occasional repair work is more affordable than the upfront cost for concrete.

Filling Cracks and Holes

The owner may ask the paving contractors to come by occasionally and seal small cracks and holes that have developed. During this project, workers clean out the flaws and then fill the spaces. 

This problem is more prevalent in regions where repeated freezing and thawing occurs. Rainwater or melting snow seeps into tiny holes and cracks. When the water freezes, it expands, making the flaw a little worse each time.

The longer the work is delayed, the bigger the flaws will become. This is especially important to consider in parts of the lot frequented by delivery trucks since the excess weight puts a great deal of stress on the blacktop. The damage begins to look unsightly if ignored for too long. 

Shoring Up Edges

Blacktop edges crumble over time if not anchored by concrete. For example, this doesn't happen where asphalt meets a curb and gutter or a concrete driveway. However, where asphalt borders grass or dirt, the edges gradually deteriorate. Paving technicians shore up those areas as needed.


Asphalt lots with heavy traffic typically must be sealcoated annually in very sunny climates and occasionally in other regions. Ultraviolet light causes the blacktop to oxidize, which results in gradual deterioration. In addition, the rich black color fades to gray. Sealcoating has a preventive effect, but eventually, the lot will need resurfacing.


During resurfacing, the paving contractors remove a thin layer of the blacktop and replace it with new asphalt. To make this as convenient as possible for people who need to use the lot, the workers usually complete part of the job one day and the rest later. That way, half of the parking spaces can continue to be used while the project is ongoing. Afterward, the pavement looks like new. 

Concluding Thoughts

Asphalt paving contractors provide all kinds of services for blacktop placement, repair, and sealing. When resurfacing becomes advisable, the work can be completed in a way that's convenient for lot users. When the parking lot finally needs to be reconstructed, that will be done as well.