5 Ways To Prevent Standing Water On Asphalt

Standing water is a major issue for some asphalt parking lots. As the water collects, it works into the paving and causes it to deteriorate. Eventually, you have a faded, cracked, and crumbling lot that needs to be repaved.

1. Opt for Porous Asphalt

There are different types of asphalt available, and porous asphalt is the best choice if you want to ensure water drains through the paving instead of collecting on the surface and causing damage. This asphalt is made using larger aggregate so that natural pores form to allow water to drain through. It is also constructed over a base that is made to allow drainage. This is a good option for areas with heavy rainfall.

2. Curb the Lot

Water can cause a lot of damage along the edges of an asphalt parking lot, as the standing water will work its way beneath the paving and wash out the base. One way to prevent this is to install concrete curbing and gutters around the perimeter of the lot. Not only does this give the parking area a more finished look, but it also protects the edges from water incursion and helps route water away from the paving.

3. Manage the Grade

Low areas are the main cause of surface water collection on a parking lot. Proper grading can get rid of these low areas. Ideally, the lot should slope gently toward the gutters or a drain so that all water drains safely off the lot. Larger lots may require grading in several directions, perhaps with a higher elevation at the center and a loss of elevation radiating out. 

4. Integrate Drains

Most lots have at least one storm drain in the perimeter gutters or at a central low spot, but this may not be sufficient. There should be enough drains to handle the average flow of water from rain or snowmelt. This may mean additional perimeter drains and interior drains, or you may need a trench drain installed where the lower end of the entry meets the swell of a road. 

5. Manage Landscaping

Landscaping can lead to surface water on a parking lot when drainage from the landscaped areas isn't properly managed. Gutters should not be routed toward the parking lot but should go into a drainage catchment within the landscaped areas of the property. Irrigation should also be managed so that water doesn't drain into the parking lot. 

Contact an asphalt paving service for more damage prevention strategies.