4 Signs That Your Asphalt Paving Needs Repair

There's no doubt that asphalt is among the toughest materials for constructing pavements and parking lots. That's why asphalt pavements offer many years of service. Even so, like any other paving option out there, asphalt pavements can suffer wear and tear over time. For that reason, it is advisable to hire a professional asphalt paving contractor when you notice any of the following signs.

1. Alligator Cracks

As the name suggests, these cracks resemble the rough skin of an alligator. They usually result from the use of poor-quality materials during the installation stage. Heavy traffic can also cause alligator cracks.

Remember that cracks can cause a host of issues, no matter how small they are. That's because they spread and widen as time goes by, making it hard to fix the problem. What's more, cracks are known to develop into heaves and bumps sooner or later. The heaving results from repeated thaw and freeze cycles after the water seeps beneath the pavement during the cold season. Again, consulting with a trusted asphalt paving contractor can help you know how best to prevent such issues.

2. Potholes

Apart from causing heaving and bumping issues, cracks can also lead to potholes. As you are perhaps aware, water tends to accumulate in potholes whenever it rains. The water pools can attract harmful insects like mosquitoes that prefer laying their eggs in stagnated water. In the end, your loved ones may end up suffering from malaria and other pest-related diseases.

As though that's not enough, potholes can adversely affect various automobile components. For example, the suspension system may suffer severe damages due to the repeated banging. Furthermore, replacing such vehicle parts is quite costly. That's why you need to hire an asphalt paving expert whenever you notice signs of a pothole.

3. Drainage Issues

Does your pavement seem to have standing water whenever it rains? If yes, this is an obvious indication of an uneven surface. Though this may seem like nothing much to worry about, the water can cause gradual erosion. The erosion may eventually compromise the pavement's structural integrity, forcing you to pay for costly repairs. However, having a seasoned asphalt paving service to assess the situation can be all it takes to remedy the problem.

4. Faded Appearance

A faded pavement can affect your property's curb appeal. Consequently, the poor appearance can be a major turn-off when scouting for a buyer. Fortunately, an asphalt paving contractor can seal coat the surface and make your faded pavement look new again.

If you have noticed any of these signs, you need to contact an asphalt paving professional immediately. Don't wait until your paving develops deep cracks, potholes, and drainage issues; hire an asphalt contractor to inspect and repair the surface when necessary.