Four Types of Commercial Paving Services You Should Consider for Your Parking Lot

One of the best ways to improve and add value to commercial lots is by utilizing commercial paving services. Unlike residential paving, commercial paving is usually more expensive and may require you to get a permit in some cases. Nonetheless, commercial paving services play a major role in improving the usability of a commercial lot, especially if the lot will get utilized by a lot of people, such as a parking lot.

Thus, if your business premise has a vacant space that you intend to utilize as a parking lot, you should consider working with commercial paving contractors. With that said, here are four essential commercial paving services you should utilize.

Pouring or Paving

Pouring or paving services are applicable for concrete and asphalt, respectively. Depending on your material of choice, the commercial pavers will pour the material on the desired area and then use various tools to flatten the material to provide a smooth surface.

For asphalt, the contractors will use a steam roller to spread and level the asphalt to provide a smooth and level surface. However, the contractors will first have to create a foundation before pouring concrete to ensure the concrete gets paved on sturdy ground. It is for this reason why commercial concrete paving is more expensive than asphalt paving.

Seal Coating 

Another commercial paving service you should consider is seal coating. Seal coating involves adding a protective layer on the paved surface to protect it from the elements of weather and damage.

In most cases, it is advisable to have the seal coating done a month after the asphalt or concrete paving gets done. However, if your lot is already paved, it is also good to consider seal coating because it protects the asphalt and concrete on your parking lot from prematurely wearing out.

Strip Lining

Strip lining is an essential part of commercial paving services that involves utilizing special paint to mark out your paved areas. Additionally, strip lining involves labeling specific sections of the lot, such as disabled parking slots and directions. Thus, it is essential to strip line the parking slots and roads within the parking lot to provide motorists and pedestrians with a sense of order. Thus, in addition to improving the aesthetic of your paved areas, strip lining also ensures that motorists know which direction to drive while entering or exiting the lot.

Speed Bump Installation

When talking about commercial paving services, most people forget about speed bump installation. Installing speed bumps is essential in ensuring that motorists don't over speed while driving on your premises. Considering that most businesses premises are frequented by pedestrians, it is easy for a pedestrian to get hit by a speeding vehicle even within a business premise.  

However, if you are considering installing speed bumps, commercial paving contractors recommend letting the paved asphalt settle for at least a month before you commence the speed bump installation project.