Paving A Driveway That Is Washed Out

An option many people choose for their budget driveway is to have it paved with gravel. This is an ideal, low-cost way to have a decent driveway. The problem with this type of driveway is that it can wash out over time. This causes ditches and dips in the driveway as well as gravel loss. If this is a situation you are facing, you may want to seek out a paving contractor. Here are some things you should know about this project before you get started.

Refilling and Stabilizing

The first step the paving contractor will take is to refill the washed-out areas and stabilize the ground for the new driveway. If you simply bring in additional dirt, it will wash out. The new soil needs to be brought in and packed down. You will also need to have the new soil stabilized. This means placing barriers on the sides of the driveway to help prevent the soil from washing out or the pavement from moving as it sets. If there are any irrigation issues, they may be fixed at this time, or a plan to help with the irrigation may be incorporated into your driveway design. 

Laying Gravel Layers

Depending on the type of driveway you are installing, your paving contractor may decide to lay gravel layers down before the final top layer of concrete or asphalt. These layers may be made of limestone or other similar gravel. The gravel is placed to help anchor the top layer and to help prevent erosion. Once these layers are placed, the concrete or asphalt will be poured. 

Installing Irrigation Grates and Grade

If you are in danger of having severe erosion or wash out due to your location and weather conditions, your paving contractor may take additional steps. One of the steps they can take is to install irrigation grates along the side of the driveway or towards the bottom of the driveway near the roadway. These grates can flow into the irrigation near your home. You may also have a contractor that wants to change the grade or angle of the driveway to help with water flow. 

These are just a few of the key points you need to know about paving a driveway over a washed-out gravel driveway. If you are ready to start this project, contact a paving contractor, such as Arrow Black Top & Masonry Inc. They can perform an inspection of the current driveway. After this inspection, they can inform you of the best options for the area, what will need to be done to ready the area, and when they can start on the new driveway.