Asphalt Sealcoating: Don't Fall For The Myths!

Your asphalt can last for decades, and it can continue looking great. However, there is some maintenance that you should keep up with in order to get the most from the asphalt. This maintenance includes sealcoating. Sealcoating is done to give a new layer of protection to an existing asphalt surface. The sealcoating will protect the asphalt from water, grease, oil, UV damage, and excessive wear. As important as sealcoating is, there are unfortunate myths told about it. These myths can cause some people to doubt the importance of sealcoating. You don't want to make this same mistake. Here are some common sealcoating myths and the facts: 

Myth 1: Sealcoating won't offer protection to older asphalt

One myth is that it won't offer any protection to asphalt that's older. Sealcoating will protect older asphalt. In fact, older asphalt surfaces are the ones that are the most in need of sealcoating. The older asphalt will be especially porous, and when water is allowed to seep through the old material, it can lead to cracks and eventually crumbling. The sealcoat will help to waterproof that older surface. 

Myth 2: Sealcoating is mostly done to keep the asphalt looking good

Some people believe the myth that sealcoating is mostly done to keep the surface looking good. While it is true that a freshly sealcoated surface will look fantastic, this is not the main reason to have it done. An asphalt surface that never gets sealcoated will eventually turn a dull gray, and that isn't attractive. However, it will also get cracks, raised areas, broken edges and corners, and other damages. The sealcoating is done to prevent all of those things from happening. 

Myth 3: Sealcoating is expensive

Some people put off sealcoating because they read myths about it being expensive. However, sealcoating is not considered to be expensive. What would be expensive would be needing to have the asphalt repaired repeatedly as it gets older, then needing to have it completely replaced much sooner than it should have needed. Sealcoating can save you a lot of money on these types of things in the future. 

Myth 4: You should just do the sealcoating yourself

So many people are into DIY because they have access to so many tutorials online. This has led some to state that people should just sealcoat their own asphalt surfaces. However, there are many advantages that come with leaving it to the professionals. A professional will use a high-quality product, and you will know that it has been done right. Plus, it will be completed faster and the work will be guaranteed.