Preparing Your Driveway For A Paving Session

If you have a gravel driveway and you want to upgrade it to a paved surface, you likely contacted a service in your area that handles this type of driveway revamping service. Before a paving business arrives on your property, conduct the following steps to ensure the session is completely successful.

Make Sure You Have The Time Available 

It is best to have your driveway paved during one session rather than to break it up into more than one so the asphalt cures at the same rate after application. This means you will be unable to walk or drive upon your driveway for a few days so that the surface hardens uniformly, without the possibility of indentations left behind from vehicles or foot impressions. If you know you will need to utilize your driveway, do not schedule paving during that time. Instead, schedule the work to be done at a time where you are absolutely certain no one will need to access the surface at all. Many people make arrangements to stay at a hotel or friend's home when their driveway is paved. If you have pets, arrangements need to be made for their care away from the home if there is no access to the structure without using the driveway.

Move Any Large Items Away From Your Driveway

A paving service is unable to lay asphalt upon your driveway in areas where vehicles or large pieces of machinery are resting. Before the date of your scheduled service, plans need to be made for the movement of any larger items to an area where they are well out of the way of workers and their paving equipment. It is best to move these items several feet away from your driveway to ensure they do not become damaged by any splattered asphalt.

Conduct A Quick Cleaning Session

While it is not necessary to clean your gravel driveway, it is a good idea to perform this simple task so the paving service that comes to your home does not need to spend time doing the job themselves. Check over your driveway for any debris that needs to be put into your garbage receptacle for pick up or brought to a recycling center. Consider placing a magnet upon a string and walk up and down your driveway collecting any small tools or personal items that you may have dropped while spending time outdoors, as well.