Find Out 4 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Surface Needs A Good Foundation

Asphalt pavement is a versatile, attractive installation for your outdoor space. More so, the installation is efficient and timely, which allows you to create a surface you can use almost immediately. That said, you should know that your foundation is one of the most crucial elements of a quality asphalt surface. While the finished product is what you see when you pull up the street, your subbase is what allows for a great performance in all weather conditions. Here's why your pavement needs an adequate foundation during installation.   

It Will Maintain Proper Drainage 

You must know that a well-designed drainage system determines the longevity and stability of your surface. On the other hand, when your foundation is uneven, the overhead surface will sink or shift as water gathers below. Eventually, such shifts will lead to surface collapse and the formation of potholes. What's more, water will sit in these potholes and penetrate all areas of your asphalt, wreaking havoc on your pavement. As such, you must ensure that your foundation can get rid of liquids so it doesn't break apart under pressure. 

It Will Have Excellent Support 

Your foundation's primary purpose is to hold the weight of your vehicle and foot traffic. Without it, your asphalt surface will sink under the weight of a heavy vehicle or as you walk on it. Moreover, your surface can cave without warning, leaving you with injuries or vehicle damage. That said, a properly built foundation will keep your asphalt pavement even with excellent support. 

It Will Incur Minimal Repairs 

A strong and contained foundation can limit the damage that occurs with continued pavement use. Typically, a weak or poorly installed foundation will call for some of the most expensive repairs. In addition to patching extensive cracks and holes, you will need to replace parts of your foundation to avoid recurring damage. What's more, your pavement will not last very long without the right foundation leading to a full replacement. However, with a proper foundation in place, you will have minimal cracks and signs of separation. 

You Will Have A Lasting Pavement

Usually, a poor foundation will force your asphalt surface to go beyond the point where repairs will provide lasting help. At some point, you will require frequent extensive repairs that will not rectify the structural issue or justify the price tag. On the other hand, having a sound foundation from the start will leave you with a strong and intact surface for years to come.

As you can see, getting your asphalt foundation right from the start can help you avoid plenty of hiccups along the way. As such, leave the job to qualified asphalt paving contractors to guarantee a high-quality foundation. 

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