Repurposing Old Asphalt—A Cost Effective And Convenient Process

The use of an asphalt recycling machine will provide a way for you to offer affordable paving services. A reclaimer and hot box unit is a piece of equipment that will blend and heat asphalt products. The hopper that is attached to the equipment will effortlessly dump recycled materials onto the surfaces that you are repaving. 

Equipment With A Frame

A reclaimer and hot box that are affixed to a frame can be towed behind your work vehicle or loaded onto a flatbed. Recycling equipment that contains a wheeled frame will not tip over while asphalt is being prepared for a paving project. The interior chamber where asphalt is added will contain a heating element that will keep asphalt warm. Some recycling machines are designed to keep asphalt warm for many hours.

If you decide to invest in this type of equipment, you can prep the asphalt the night before you will be conducting a paving project. A recycling machine may contain a hydraulic motor. This type of motor will be responsible for activating the heating element and churning the old asphalt and other materials that you will be blending.

The Restoration Process

The type of asphalt recycling machine that you invest in will influence how many prep steps you will need to conduct. If you perform large paving projects, you will benefit from purchasing a recycling machine that will be able to prepare large, consistent batches of pavement quickly. First, assess your contracting duties. Consider how many installation jobs and repatching jobs you conduct on a routine basis.

If you tend to dispose of a lot of asphalt, outline a plan that will allow you to store and prepare old asphalt. Asphalt should be clean and dry at the onset of the recycling process. A reclaimer and hot box will require the use of a rejuvenator and fuel. Once the asphalt has been broken down into small pieces and has had a rejuvenator product added to it, it is ready to load into the recycling machine's heating chamber. The machine's fuel reservoir should be inspected and refilled during each recycling session.

Your asphalt recycling equipment can be used at your place of business or at each worksite that will require the use of recycled asphalt products. If you plan to use the equipment at the job sites where you will be conducting contracting duties, tell each property owner that you will need them to prepare an area where you can set up the equipment.

Contact a local paving contractor to learn more about asphalt pavement recyclers.