Keys To Using Brick Pavers For A Custom Driveway

If you're looking to develop a custom driveway around your property, you might want to go with brick pavers as the material. They come in a lot of great styles and can give you a long-lasting driveway. You can maximize pavers for this particular project if you take these steps.

Select the Right Pavers

The first thing you need to do when creating a driveway out of brick pavers is select a paver variety. These pavers can vary in a couple of ways, including materials, colors, and textures. You just need to find a variety that's structurally sound and has the right aesthetics. 

You can start your search online and then compare different brick pavers that suppliers have in stock. It's also a good idea to order samples of brick pavers and then test them out. Then you'll know what option can work best for your custom driveway.

Use Spray Paint as a Visual Guide

Once you figure out what brick pavers to use for a custom driveway, you'll want to mark off where these materials will be set up. In that case, you can use spray paint. It's easy to apply and helps you create a visual guide for this project.

You can quickly mark off the exact areas where brick pavers will be placed. Then all you have to do is stay within these boundaries to create a driveway that has the right shape and dimensions. 

Make Sure Proper Drainage is Achieved 

Something you need to keep in mind when setting up brick pavers for a custom driveway is how water is able to drain around said structure. Ideally, water drainage needs to be dialed in because it will keep water from pooling and causing severe damage.

There are several ways you can achieve proper drainage for brick pavers. Perhaps one of the best strategies is to slope your pavers correctly from the beginning. A natural slope will help water move away from these pavers when it rains. You could also route drains around these pavers to help with water drainage. 

If you want to create a custom brick paver driveway, it is important to approach this project carefully. Think about what pavers can work best for this driveway and then create tangible plans so that you have something to consult with throughout development. Then in no time, you'll have a beautiful brick paver driveway that holds up.