Measures That Professional Asphalt Paving Contractors Use During Adverse Weather Conditions

Asphalt paving is challenging and requires careful planning and execution. One of the biggest challenges an asphalt pavement contractor faces is inclement weather conditions. The temperature, humidity, and precipitation levels can significantly impact the quality and durability of the asphalt pavement. Therefore, inclement weather is something that an asphalt paving contractor has to account for. 

Taking Into Account the Weather

To ensure the parking lot paving project succeeds, the contractor must consider the weather forecast and plan accordingly. The asphalt may crack, shrink, or expand if the weather is too hot or cold. Similarly, if it rains or snows during or after the paving process, the asphalt may not be appropriately set and become damaged.

Choosing the Right Day to Pave a Parking Lot

To avoid such issues, the contractor should closely monitor the weather conditions and pick a good day to pave your parking lot. Sometimes, it may be necessary to delay the project until the weather conditions are more favorable.

Alternatively, the contractor may need additional equipment or materials to ensure that the asphalt sets appropriately in adverse weather conditions. For example, contractors can use cold milling to pave a parking lot during cold weather conditions.

If there is a lot of rain and it's impossible to pave the parking lot on a different day, the contractors might need to protect your parking lot using a tarp. They might also have to pave your parking lot in stages.

Using Precautions to Avoid Damaging Your Parking Lot

In addition to monitoring the weather conditions, the contractor must take certain precautions during the paving process. For example, they may need special additives or mixes to improve the asphalt's performance in extreme temperatures or humidity.

Antifreeze additives are added to asphalt to prevent the asphalt from freezing in cold weather. Emulsifiers enhance the compatibility of asphalt with other materials, such as cement, and prevent the asphalt from separating into individual particles. Contractors may also use special techniques to ensure the asphalt is compacted correctly and smoothed.

Making Sure Your Parking Lot Looks Great

Dealing with bad weather conditions is critical to the asphalt paving process. A skilled and experienced contractor knows how to handle these challenges and ensure the project is completed successfully. By planning, monitoring the weather conditions, and taking appropriate precautions, the contractor can pave a durable and long-lasting parking lot that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

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