Is It Time To Plan The Driveway For Your Newly Built Home? 4 Benefits Of Working With A Residential Asphalt Paving Company

When it comes to picking the materials for your home's new driveway, you have multiple options. While pavers, concrete, and gravel all have potential benefits, it's worth taking a look at how asphalt performs in comparison. For your newly built home, choosing to work with professional residential asphalt paving contractors makes it possible to enjoy these benefits for getting the most enjoyment out of your investment.

Start Using Your Driveway Faster

Time is of the essence when you're ready to start fully living in your brand-new home. For many homeowners, the driveway is the finishing touch that makes their house feel like a true home with all of the conveniences that they planned for in the design. Concrete often requires you to wait for at least a week before it cures enough for you to drive on it. Asphalt cures faster, which means that you could be using your new driveway within just a day or two after the contractors finish the installation.

Enjoy a Cleaner Appearance

Gravel tends to attract rocks and leaves that are hard to get out of the driveway, and pavers often have grass come up in the seams. Concrete can have a beautiful appearance, but it is prone to ugly dark stains from oil and other leaked automotive fluids. The dark color of asphalt hides stains more easily, and you can always add a sealcoat when the surface needs to be refreshed. Plus, all it takes is spraying the driveway down or giving it a good sweep to pick up surface debris.

Look Forward to Many Years of Use

When you work with an experienced residential asphalt paving company, you can expect your new driveway to last for years. While you'll still need to occasionally plan for crack repairs or sealcoating, the asphalt is more resistant to chipping and flaking compared to concrete. Being able to enjoy your driveway for years helps you to cut down on many of your outdoor maintenance expenses.

Match the Aesthetics of Other Outdoor Features

If your new build has an asphalt sports court or backyard patio, then it just makes sense to choose the same material for the driveway to maintain the aesthetics. The same is also true if you live in an area where your neighbors have asphalt driveways, or if your house backs up to a nearby paved walking path. The dark color of asphalt also adds a sleek appearance that works well with homes that have an overall modern aesthetic.

For more information on residential asphalt paving, contact a professional near you.