5 Reasons To Use Asphalt When Paving Your Driveway

If you are installing a new driveway, consider asphalt instead of other paving materials. There are quite a few benefits to using this material to pave your new driveway.

1. Fast Installation

An asphalt driveway can often be installed in as little as two days, and you can be driving and parking on it within the week. The most intensive part of the installation is digging out and leveling the base. Once the base is installed, the asphalt can be laid within a few hours. Although it can take months for asphalt to fully cure, it is safe to drive upon within a few days.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Other than occasionally sweeping or hosing down the paving, the only regular maintenance necessary is applying a sealcoat every few years. A sealcoat is a mixture of asphalt and sealants. It fills in the small pores in the asphalt so that moisture can't seep in and cause damage. The sealers also protect the asphalt from UV rays and surface wear, which helps maintain the paving's color as well as providing protection.

3. Resists Weathering

Sun exposure, rain, ice, and snow can damage some types of paving, but asphalt isn't as prone to weathering damage. Asphalt is somewhat elastic, which means it isn't as prone as concrete to cracking due to temperature changes. Cold weather has little effect on asphalt, and rain tends to flow right off as long as the paving has been properly sealcoated.

4. Easy Repairs

Although durable, asphalt can suffer from small damages. Fortunately, most are easy and inexpensive to repair. Asphalt cracks can be filled in no matter how wide. Even potholes can be repaired with a hot asphalt mix. Further, patches don't have to be obvious. Applying a sealcoat tends to cover small patches. You can also have the asphalt resurfaced with a thin layer of fresh paving if you would like to cover more extensive patching.

5. Eco Friendly

Asphalt can be one of the more environmentally friendly choices for paving. One reason is because is has such a long working life, so the need for resources for replacement is minimized. Further, asphalt is nearly infinitely recyclable, and you can even choose to use recycled asphalt for your driveway installation. The result is minimal waste during construction and the need to send a few materials to the landfill when the time does come to eventually replace the driveway.

Contact an asphalt paving contractor if you are ready to install a new asphalt driveway.