Roof Rat Characteristics And Deterrent Methods

Roof rats are dark-colored rodents that tend to seek higher ground. Although rats may seek refuge in trees or along the eaves that comprise a rooftop, they may also look for interior spaces to nest in. As cold weather approaches, it is a good time to assess pavement, trees, and shrubbery that could lure rats to your property. Physical Characteristics And Habits Roof rats are rodents that have long tails. They may be a dark brown or black color and have a dark or light-colored underbelly.

Key Reasons To Add Highway Striping To Your Commercial Parking Lot

Good signage is a critical aspect of any thriving commercial business. Customers need to know how to locate your entryway, the proper place to exit, and where to find the help they need in order to patronize your company. You may be fully aware of the importance of proper signage but have you given as much attention to the condition of your parking lot? Paving the lot with asphalt is great because it provides consumers with a smooth surface to leave their vehicles on.

Find Out 4 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Surface Needs A Good Foundation

Asphalt pavement is a versatile, attractive installation for your outdoor space. More so, the installation is efficient and timely, which allows you to create a surface you can use almost immediately. That said, you should know that your foundation is one of the most crucial elements of a quality asphalt surface. While the finished product is what you see when you pull up the street, your subbase is what allows for a great performance in all weather conditions.

Tools Of The Trade: Types Of Equipment A Commercial Concrete Contractor Needs

While you may think that any contractor can simply show up to a work site with a shovel and some concrete mix, the truth is that commercial concrete contractors come equipped with an arsenal of heavy-duty tools and equipment. Each piece is designed to streamline construction and ensure a high-quality finished product. So, what exactly does a commercial concrete contractor need in their toolkit? Here are two of the most essential types of equipment.

Understanding The Benefits Of Proper Snow Management For Your Asphalt Parking Lots

As a commercial property owner, your asphalt parking lot should be a priority through the winter months, especially if you are in an area that's prone to snow and ice. Unfortunately, many business owners don't understand the damage that snow can cause to asphalt. This leads to poor decisions that cause rapid deterioration of the asphalt and costly repairs. Here's a look at why your business needs a comprehensive snow management plan for your asphalt parking area.